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  • 產品詳情

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    ZMAN pneumatic seat regulating valve


    Overview of ZMAN pneumatic double seat control valve
    ZMAN series pneumatic thin fat through engine valve dual oriented structure, equipped with multi spring actuator. Has the advantages of compact structure, surface light, sensitive action, low loss, pressure drop description allows a large pressure difference, valve capacity, flow characteristics of Trichosanthes really, convenient maintenance and so on, can use dry harsh working conditions. Especially suitable for the valve pressure difference, workplace requirements without leakage. This series of products are the standard type, adjust the cut-off valve, bellows seal type, jacket type insulation and other varieties. Nominal grade products are PN10, 16, 40, 64; body diameter range of DN20~300. Application of fluid temperature from -196 ℃ ~+560 ℃ range of different grades. Leakage star standard with IV or VI. Flow characteristics such as linear or percentage. A variety of different specifications can be selected.

    Materials of main parts

    NameTexture of material
    The valve body valve coverZG230-450、ZG0Cr18Ni9
    Valve seat0Cr18Ni9, 0Cr18Ni9+PTFE, 0Cr18Ni9+ division Chatterley
    FillerPTFE, flexible graphite
    ShimGraphite spiral wound gasket (V6590), F4
    Film coverA3、0Cr18Ni9
    Corrugated diaphragmClip reinforced nylon fabric nitrile rubber
    Valve push rod0Cr18Ni9、2cr13

    The main technical parameters of the valve seat

    Seat diameter mm253240506580100125150200250300350400
    Nominal pressure(MPa)1.6、2.5、4.0、6.4
    The effective area of the film Ae(cm2)2803505609001400Piston type
    Signal range KPa20-100、40-200、80-240
    Gas pressure steam source MPa0.1-0.40.4-0.7
    The inherent flow characteristicsLinear, equal percentage, quick opening
    The inherent adjustable ratio50:1
    The leakage classHard seal, soft seal IV V; VI
    Flange sizeAccording to JB/79. (2) _94, HG20592_97, GB, ANSI, JIB, DIN and other standards
    Body materialWCB, 304, 316, WC6, nickel, titanium, Hastelloy, Monel etc.
    Valve material304, 316, 420, nickel, titanium, Hastelloy, Monel etc.
    Working temperature -40~+230 ℃ (room temperature), +230~+450 ℃, +450~+560 ℃ (Zhong Wen) (high temperature), -40~-196 ℃ (low temperature)
    Series typeat room temperature, medium temperature, low temperature type. Bellows seal type, jacket type heat, regulating off type

    Main performance index

    Serial numberProjectStandard type regulating valveHigh temperature, low temperature valve
    Not with a locatorWith a locatorNot with a locatorWith a locator
    1The basic error(%)±5±1±15 ±4
    2The return difference<(%)31103
    3The dead zone <(%)30.481
    4Always point bias <(%)Open airThe starting point±2.5±1±6


    Air to closeThe starting point±5±15
    Finish±2.5 ±6
    5Rated stroke deviation <(%)±2.5+2.5+6+2.5

    Gas off type (positive effect) metal sealing type allows differential pressure gauge Company: MPa

    The executive agency modelSpring range(KPa)Air pressure(KPa)Locator (with / no)Seat diameter dn(mm)
    ZHA-2220-1000.14Whether or not0.920.72
    ZHA-2320-1000.14Whether or not 0.730.580.46
    Belt 4.403.492.77
    40-2000.25Belt 6.244.943.92
    80-2400.4Belt 6.406.406.40
    ZHA-3420-1000.14Whether or not 0.550.440.35
    Belt 3.272.642.10
    40-2000.25Belt 4.633.752.98
    80-2400.4Belt 6.406.406.40
    ZHA-4520-1000.14Whether or not 0.480.400.30
    Belt 2.902.411.80
    40-2000.25Belt 4.113.422.55
    80-2400.4Belt 6.406.405.56

    Air to close (reaction) metal sealing type allows differential pressure gauge Company: MPa

    The executive agency modelSpring range(KPa)Air pressure(KPa)Locator (with / no) 閥座直徑dn(mm)
    ZHA-2320-1000.14no 0.730.580.46
    40-2000.25Belt 4.413.492.77
    80-2400.28Belt 6.406.406.40
    ZHA-3420-1000.14no 0.550.440.35
    40-2000.25Belt 3.272.652.11
    80-2400.28Belt 6.406.405.63
    ZHA-4520-1000.14no 0.480.400.30
    40-2000.25Belt 2.902.411.81
    80-2400.40Belt 6.406.404.82

    Note that allows differential pressure gauge:
    1 packing material for the PTFE
    Flow valve 2 medium off in the opposite direction
    Leakage in grade IV 3 metal seal type
    4 numerical by nominal pressure, pressure, temperature limits
    The 5 bellows seal type P2 ≠ 0 re check;

    Dimensions and weight Company:mm

    All diameter DN253240506580100125150200250300
    H3High temperature heat sink type235250256368365384394465470540680730
    Bellows seal364425430445660680690748740780900940
    HStandard room temperature43545549051063064565585587594514001600
    Low temperature typeH3750900
    Weight kgPN16/4026283743677188136168260560670
    Low temperature type PN16/405155657495110149218295325640760
    Low temperature type PN64/10064696993119138186273369406800950

    When ordering, please fill in "specification" or indicate the following contents:
    One, if the order has not selected models, please provide the parameters are used to send us your
    1, nominal diameter, nominal flow in coefficient Kv
    2, the fluid properties (including the nominal pressure, temperature, viscosity and pH value "
    3, the valve action form (gas closed or gas - Open)
    4, flow at
    5, in front of the valve, the valve pressure
    6, valve body, broad core material
    7, the input signal
    8, with the attachment, the attachment type, so that we can correct for your selection.
    Two, special requirements
    1, special inspection
    2, complete degreasing, water treatment;
    3, no copper processing;
    4, special interface, piping;
    5, the use of vacuum conditions;
    6, specify the color of the coating
    7, special medium (gas, chlorine, nitrogen)
    8, the use of stainless steel connections;
    Three, if the unit has been selected from the design of our products, please click models directly to our sales department order
    Four, the occasion is very important when using or complicated pipelines, please make cocoons provide design drawings and detailed parameters, from our experts to your review gatekeeper.

    Note: This product performance accords with GB/T4213 - 2008



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