What are the differences between the UK National Lottery and the other lotteries?

Since the UK lotto started up, there have been some other lotteries in the UK as well. The National Lottery has several draws and in the past had others which no longer exist. However, there are also other companies that have set up lotteries as well. The two which are probably most well known are the Health Lottery and the Postcode Lottery.

The Health Lottery sells tickets in some retailers and online and costs £1 a go. You pick five numbers between 1 and 50 and there are five draws a week with 5 numbers and a bonus number being drawn each time. The results are televised, printed in some newspapers and appear online. The prizes are up to £100,000 for matching all five numbers (the jackpot is calculated as 10% of ticket sales but capped at £100,000). There is also a £10,000 prize for matching 4 numbers and the bonus ball, £250 for four numbers, £50 for three numbers and the bonus ball, £20 for 3 numbers and £10 for two numbers and the bonus ball. Some of the profits go to charity, with 20p for each £1 ticket being donated and these are all health related with a certain region being picked to focus on each week.

The Postcode Lottery or People’s Postcode Lottery is another type of lottery but works differently. You pay £10 a month by subscription and your postcode is automatically entered into the daily draw. The prizes on each day are different. On Monday-Friday five postcodes are drawn each day and they win £1000. On a Saturday there are two postcodes drawn that win £25,000. On a Sunday there are many more draws for smaller prizes. 50 postcodes win £100, and 50 postcodes win £50. Then 400 postcodes win £20 and 20,000 postcodes win £10. Then once a month there is a draw for £4,000 of holiday vouchers and £1,000 cash as well as a draw for £5,000 plus a car. There is also a once monthly £3 million prize pot which is shared between all the players in one postcode sector. As your postcode is entered then if you buy 2 entries and win, you get two prizes. So if you are lucky enough to be the £25,000 winner but bought three tickets you will get £75,000. Tickets are bought online and prizes get paid into your bank account automatically if they are small otherwise you have to claim them and show identification.

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